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Pleasing People

Thank you for calling Cracker Barrel in Ashland, this is Jeananne. Would you like to try our Saturday feature, Chicken and Rice?

I am unintentionally crazy about this job. I'm a Par III skill trainer server and a Par I dipper and prep cook. When i started working at 248 in Ashland, VA, four summers ago, i fell in love. All my coworkers were awesome, we prided ourselves in being a store that trains new managers, other stores call us Beirut. Then i went to school and have been back every summer and holiday. But this May when i got back to VA, 248 had fallen apart. I'm interested to know if there are any of y'all from VA who know about this. I've seen OVER 15 Associate managers and THREE GMs since 2002. It is nuts, and with the new GM, a bunch of Par IVs quit and they had to start off the summer rush with almost all Par 0s on the grill. HELL.

So i transferred to 207 in mechaniscville, VA, and it was like night and day. 207 is heaven to 248's hell. It's like (nearly) everyone is not only good at his/her job, but they all are proud of knowing the BPs and perfect plate presentation and fast ticket times. I can't overdo on the compliments. But i did have some transfer woes. Still, their biggest problems were not even close to 248's smallest problems.

My last straw at 248 was a 45 minute ticket of RB sandwich and a 1/2 order of WD sirloin biscuits. The sirloin was COLD sitting in the window before the RB sand was ready...the grill line had run out of RB an hour before and not told anyone -- not backup, not the MOD, and not the servers! At 20 minutes of course, i called back a check on it and they were just so dismissive, "we got it, it's coming, etc" and it never happened. My table was okay, i was able to keep them happy in salads and stuff, but how can you "please people" when there's no food for them! And it was like this ALL THE TIME. So i gave up on them and transferred.

My question to you is...what is your last straw on a shift? What would or did force anyone to transfer?
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