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I just found out they sell this in the Store... [14 Aug 2006|12:35am]

Some high lights from a web site I just discovered because they sell this shit called Bone Suckin' Sauce where I work:

Youth Hat, #6090B
Youth Hat looks just like the adult hat except...It's for kids! Show everyone you're fired up with our popular Bone Suckin' Sauce hat. It not only looks great, it also shows you have great taste.
Embroidered Bone Suckin' Sauce Hat with "BoneSuckin.com" across the back in White! Youth Size ! Price: $12.99 Enter quantity to cart

Certified Kosher


We are VERY HAPPY To Announce our Certified Kosher items! Here at Ford's Foods, Inc. we strive to have all natural clean products. Here is a list of our products that our Kosher Certified!


Bone Suckin' Sauce: Regular, Hot, Thicker Style, Hot Thicker Style
Bone Suckin' Mustard
Bone Suckin' Sauce Hiccuppin' Hot
Bone Suckin' Rib Rub
Bone Suckin' Salsa: Regular and Hot


What is Certified Kosher?

 Kosher Certified means that our facility has been checked for quality and cleaniliness.

Do I have to Jewish to eat Certified Kosher Foods?

No. Everyone can eat Kosher Certified foods. Most grocery stores stock a lot of Kosher foods. Chances are you ate something today that was certified Kosher. Look at your Ketchup bottle and look for a U with a circle around it or a K with a circe around it.  Those are Kosher symbols.

But I'm sure everyone's already seen this before. Hell I'VE almost definitely seen it before but that goes for just about anything doesn't it? My gear handle thingy is different.... Please let it end.


Don't know if anyone has seen this yet [20 May 2006|02:36am]


I'm going to buy this and wear it into work to get my pay check some day....
There really are lots of crackers at cracker barrel.

Eployee Attitude Survey [27 Apr 2006|12:57am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Have you all taken it yet? Did you win anything? I took mine today and won the $50 Best Buy gift certificate! It's only 1 per district and I won it! I was so excited. haha Our ETC, Barb, announced it over the intercom. Too bad it wasn't the $3,500 :p I never win ANYTHING though, so I'm pleased. :o)


[13 Apr 2006|10:06am]

Hi, this is Katie from 414, in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. I am a Par 4 server, Par 2 Host, and Par 1 retail.

Last week our state passed the law that in 90 days there will be no more smoking in public places, which includes our dining room and breakroom. So, right around June 1, our CB will be completely non-smoking.

Have any of you worked at stores that have gone from smoking to non? I'm worried about the transition, and I'm worried about all of the grumpy "I need my nicotine" employees.

Any suggestions on ways to make this easier? Any advice our thoughts appreciated!

inquiry [01 Mar 2006|03:32pm]

I cannot for the life of me remember what S.T.A.R.S stands for.. and this bugs me greatly, so I decided to join up and drop a line here to see if I can get any answers..

I think it is: Sorry, Thank you for alerting me to the problem, Action (or is it Alert a manager?), can't remember what R stands for, and I can't remember what S stands for...

anyone help me out?

[28 Nov 2005|10:58am]

[ mood | sad ]

Omg you guys... I miss everyone soo much form the Pelham store...everyone seems so happy and so happy to be working there! I miss it so much...I really did love working there and then trandfering to Oxford sucked ass so bad! Hopefully I'm going to be able to get re hired for Christmas! I'm planning on working for Christmas and maybe even on the weekends during spring semester... hopefully and then this summer also...if everything works out the way I need it too...I MISS YOU GUYS!!

<3 Jillian


im done? [12 Nov 2005|10:52pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

today was my last day in the restaurant industry. after three and a half years of working at cracker barrel im done. its weird. i have wanted it for so long and never thought it would come. and now its here. scary.

but it will be good.

wish me luck!


AHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [12 Nov 2005|07:53am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hey guys!! I noticed that no one has posted for awhile so I thought I'd tell you all about the worst day I have ever had as a back up cook!!!!!! 

Its a lovely Friday morn at 5am,,It is also truck day,,, Thank God cause lets see we do not have any  Hashbrowns made up or anything!!!!! and there is a party of 60 coming in at 6am!!!!!! and not only do I not have hashbrowns  I only have enough dry mix to make two runs of biscuits!!!!!! and then I open the hot box to find that I dont have any pinto's or green beans!!!! and not to mention that my help for the day is helping unload truck!!!!

One of my managers came back and helped me for a little, we made a couple runs of hashbrowns and dry mix and I put on  pintos and green beans... I worked full force till lunch was ready...and yes it was ready on time...I ran 10 runs of hashbrowns!!!!!  I hate those things!!!!            I have to say I panicked  in the morn but  I just did what I had to do and got it done.... AND I DIDNT RUN OUT OF ANYTHING!!!!   still dont know how the hell I did that!!!!!

peace and love from store #3


n00b [12 Oct 2005|02:44am]

[ mood | productive ]

Hey all :) I've been on LJ for quite some time, but am only now finding communities -- and of COURSE there's a Cracker Barrel community! ^_^

I'm Cat the Cashier, Par 1 at #42 (Columbia, SC), and am due for my Par 2 test soon. I started in June, and I love it at the Barrel -- but I am unnaturally suited to being annoyingly cheerful in the face of stodgy guests, I suppose ;)

When I started, I was touched and pleasantly surprised by the acceptance & general friendliness with which I was initiated -- my old-lady trainers in Cash, our ETC sharing my name & accomplishments with all the other employees who greeted me with open arms, the servers who are patient enough in helping you figure out the Line and which one's Ranch vs. Bleu Cheese -- if you ask them the right way ;)

Other than a somewhat eccentric GM (who in spite of his brashness & occasional snarky comments is well-organized and very energetic), our managerial staff is excellent, motivating, and intelligent. And I love the feeling of being involved in a large corporation -- one for whom I feel the Prime Directive -- "Pleasing People" -- is possible, since you can afford to comp a coffee for an irate guest, and give out gold cards for a kid who can sing the National Anthem in 3 different keys. I love the idea of the Par system -- and was very happy when I got my 20% Discount Card and my new freshly-embroidered aprons ^_^ I just feel lucky to be in such a well-run restaurant, part of such a well-run corporation.. I've always loved the food & retail items, and never would have applied for the job if I didn't believe in the place.

It's also my personal philosophy that people are more likely to smile back at you if you have a sincere smile to offer. It requires a little more energy at times, sure, but it's worthwhile when that grizzled old man unexpectedly flashes those pearly whites. So I suppose if the smiling gets difficult, well, remember why you're doing it.

Nice to have found you all. Hope you have a great day -- come back and see us! ^_*

--Cat, aka "Good afternoon, this is Cracker Barrel Columbia on Bush River Road, Cathryn speaking, how can I help you?"


[09 Oct 2005|12:32am]

Hey. I'm Deanna. Par 1 server at store #97 in Athens, AL. I've only been working here for about 2 months, but even just after a couple of weeks I didn't feel like the 'new girl' anymore. I hope the other stores are like that too, because it made the new job transition so easy.

Anyway, just saying hello.

Pleasing People [24 Sep 2005|07:04pm]

Thank you for calling Cracker Barrel in Ashland, this is Jeananne. Would you like to try our Saturday feature, Chicken and Rice?

I am unintentionally crazy about this job. I'm a Par III skill trainer server and a Par I dipper and prep cook. When i started working at 248 in Ashland, VA, four summers ago, i fell in love. All my coworkers were awesome, we prided ourselves in being a store that trains new managers, other stores call us Beirut. Then i went to school and have been back every summer and holiday. But this May when i got back to VA, 248 had fallen apart. I'm interested to know if there are any of y'all from VA who know about this. I've seen OVER 15 Associate managers and THREE GMs since 2002. It is nuts, and with the new GM, a bunch of Par IVs quit and they had to start off the summer rush with almost all Par 0s on the grill. HELL.

So i transferred to 207 in mechaniscville, VA, and it was like night and day. 207 is heaven to 248's hell. It's like (nearly) everyone is not only good at his/her job, but they all are proud of knowing the BPs and perfect plate presentation and fast ticket times. I can't overdo on the compliments. But i did have some transfer woes. Still, their biggest problems were not even close to 248's smallest problems.

My last straw at 248 was a 45 minute ticket of RB sandwich and a 1/2 order of WD sirloin biscuits. The sirloin was COLD sitting in the window before the RB sand was ready...the grill line had run out of RB an hour before and not told anyone -- not backup, not the MOD, and not the servers! At 20 minutes of course, i called back a check on it and they were just so dismissive, "we got it, it's coming, etc" and it never happened. My table was okay, i was able to keep them happy in salads and stuff, but how can you "please people" when there's no food for them! And it was like this ALL THE TIME. So i gave up on them and transferred.

My question to you is...what is your last straw on a shift? What would or did force anyone to transfer?

[14 Sep 2005|12:44pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Hey guys I'm a Par 1 Server at store # 70 in Pelham. I'm Kimber Freeze!!! I finally joined live journal like all of my firends have been telling me 2 do!!! Well i g2g cuz i have a class in a few minutes!! Be back later!!!


[10 Sep 2005|10:47pm]

[ mood | Ugghh Tired ]

Christian Par III Cash, Par II Server, and Par I retail at Store 70.. yeah i'm a cracker barrel's B#*%^#.

Don't you just love Porch Sales?.. Gag... Dies X_X
I've never been so worn out as this porch sale was. We had so much stuff because the Montgomery in Alabama had some damage done to it because of the hurricane so they sent all there porch sale items to us. WE had to rent a uhal just to store the suckers. The packing up and unpacking every day gets really really old. ::Sigh:: Hope everyone that had a porch sale has survived and is doing ok.


[09 Sep 2005|04:03pm]

[ mood | dorky ]

Hello everyone, I'm Lauren and in a couple weeks I'll be PAR 2. I'm a hostess at #558, Calera AL. Not thrilled with it at the moment, I'm only getting 15 hours a week. :-/

It's hard to act happy all the time....sometimes I really think I am too cynical for this job. It 's funny how you never know how ridiculous some people are until you work at a restaurant. But along with the airhead employees and picky 'guests', there are some really nice people I work with too.

But anyhow, I thought I'd join in with the rest of you. just wanted to say hi :)


[09 Sep 2005|04:28am]

[ mood | blah ]

Yes, I do believe it's a hundred degrees outside, and I can see you sweating into my mashed potatoes, making them extra salty for me, but you see, I'm freezing. Can you make me some hot chocolate please, as I'm letting my kids crumble up jelly biscuits onto the floor that you get paid practically nothing to sweep up.


Katrina [08 Sep 2005|08:22am]

[ mood | crushed ]

  Hey guys  Did you all know that  we lost  four stores  in the Hurricane???   Are your stores taking donations for the families of those stores?    If you are I hope everyone  puts in  and says a pray for them all....  And if you are one that was affected God Bless


[24 Aug 2005|11:05pm]
[ mood | curious ]

hi! i'm trystan. i work at cracker barrel #315 in oxford, alabama. i'm a par one server, but i've been there for 2 years...i don't believe in the par system. (if you really want to hear the story, let me know.) working there sucks, and the only thing that keeps me there is the fact that ALL my friends work there with me.



okay, i don't like the par system because of a manager named susan. she was a major, total bitch and she kept failing me on my evals. i don't guess she wanted me to be a par 3 or something. so finally after she had failed me once again i told her that i just didn't want to take any more of them. i didn't, and then i quit as a par 2 who had been there for over a year. now i'm back and i've been demoted to par 1. but i don't view this job as a major priority in my life...it's just a way to make money right now. so i will be a par 1 until my last day...which hopefully will be in the near future.

i hope you all don't think i have a bad attitude about it. working at cb isn't horrible or anything, and i do really love a lot of my co-workers. isn't it terrible how one horrible manager can ruin things for people? lol.


[22 Aug 2005|04:35pm]

i finally figured out how to join and not just be a watcher...go me!um ok I'm Jillian, i'm a par3 cashier and par 1 server...i just transfered from Pelham #70 to Oxford#315...um its a change going from a micros store to a ticket writting store...kinda scarey but i hope i get the hang of it soon...

[22 Aug 2005|01:29pm]

so i think i have started the new craze in bama, whaoh ROUNDTHEBARREL!! haha i really dont even know how i stumbled up on the community but it seems to be a big hit!! :) missin all the kids back in 70, and even the ones in O-town. :0) road trip it to Au as soon as yall can :)

[22 Aug 2005|12:46am]

Transfering as a Par 4 trainer for me was terrible, and I seriously thought about quiting, but after a month or 2 I had some really great friends.

I'm Karen. I work at store #70 with Nic and Candy. I am a server trainer. And I would like everyone to know that Nic was my referal when he came to Pelham and I am so proud of that little fact.
I also worked at Oxford #315 for about a year and now I am at Montgomery at #574 training new employees for a new store...

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