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hi! i'm trystan. i work at cracker barrel #315 in oxford, alabama. i'm a par one server, but i've been there for 2 years...i don't believe in the par system. (if you really want to hear the story, let me know.) working there sucks, and the only thing that keeps me there is the fact that ALL my friends work there with me.



okay, i don't like the par system because of a manager named susan. she was a major, total bitch and she kept failing me on my evals. i don't guess she wanted me to be a par 3 or something. so finally after she had failed me once again i told her that i just didn't want to take any more of them. i didn't, and then i quit as a par 2 who had been there for over a year. now i'm back and i've been demoted to par 1. but i don't view this job as a major priority in my life...it's just a way to make money right now. so i will be a par 1 until my last day...which hopefully will be in the near future.

i hope you all don't think i have a bad attitude about it. working at cb isn't horrible or anything, and i do really love a lot of my co-workers. isn't it terrible how one horrible manager can ruin things for people? lol.
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