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Hello everyone, I'm Lauren and in a couple weeks I'll be PAR 2. I'm a hostess at #558, Calera AL. Not thrilled with it at the moment, I'm only getting 15 hours a week. :-/

It's hard to act happy all the time....sometimes I really think I am too cynical for this job. It 's funny how you never know how ridiculous some people are until you work at a restaurant. But along with the airhead employees and picky 'guests', there are some really nice people I work with too.

But anyhow, I thought I'd join in with the rest of you. just wanted to say hi :)
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Yay! you joined!
Yes, indeed...though I'm not entirely sure why :P
Hey Lauren, I'm Karen, I work at Pelham with some people you know... People ARE so ridiculous sometimes it's hard not to laugh in their faces... That sounds mean, but you probably know what I mean...
hi there :) yes, I know some Pelham people- my fiance is 'tall Chris', you know who I mean. I've heard all sorts of stories and endured a few strange experiences of my own. :P
when i walk through the door I try to be a perky as I can - its hard as hell sometimes!

Recently some new managers have been helping out (we are in the process of hiring new managers and a GM) and one of them keeps saying 'youre always smiling'. I told him today that I was smiling all day yesterday but I was in the worst mood and didnt want to be there. He had no idea.

Damn im good at putting on the happy face.