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Hey guys!! I noticed that no one has posted for awhile so I thought I'd tell you all about the worst day I have ever had as a back up cook!!!!!! 

Its a lovely Friday morn at 5am,,It is also truck day,,, Thank God cause lets see we do not have any  Hashbrowns made up or anything!!!!! and there is a party of 60 coming in at 6am!!!!!! and not only do I not have hashbrowns  I only have enough dry mix to make two runs of biscuits!!!!!! and then I open the hot box to find that I dont have any pinto's or green beans!!!! and not to mention that my help for the day is helping unload truck!!!!

One of my managers came back and helped me for a little, we made a couple runs of hashbrowns and dry mix and I put on  pintos and green beans... I worked full force till lunch was ready...and yes it was ready on time...I ran 10 runs of hashbrowns!!!!!  I hate those things!!!!            I have to say I panicked  in the morn but  I just did what I had to do and got it done.... AND I DIDNT RUN OUT OF ANYTHING!!!!   still dont know how the hell I did that!!!!!

peace and love from store #3

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Damn girl! I would never want to see a party of 60 at open! Fucking HBR...fucking grits and gravy....